Telephone Order FAQs

Can I pay for an order over the telephone?

No. Our telephone payment service with Worldpay has been dropped due to it being very expensive.

What do I do if I want to order something over the telephone?

Call 01536 601600 or 01536 601710 and leave a voicemail message.

Leave your name, telephone number, email address and order.

We will then call you back if there is anything we are not sure about.

Then we will email a invoice from the Stripe system which can be paid using the email.

Can I make payment using a debit or credit card?

Yes. Use the instructions in the Stripe invoice to pay using a debit or credit card.

What do I do if the Stripe invoice is wrong?

Send an email back to us at or 

Or call us on 01536 601600 or 01536 601710.

We will then update the invoice to make it correct and resend it to you.

Will I get an email confirmation following the payment?


Where will the Stripe email come from?

Incredible Bakery Co Ltd

Which company do you use to make debit or credit card payments?