A natural nutritious and organic meat alternative, with a texture and appearance similar to pulled pork or tuna chunks when cooked. This vegan meat alternative is bursting with free radical fighting anti-oxidants and vitamins A & C, plus it is a great source of potassium.

Ethically sourced and grown organically by farmers in Sri Lanka.

Simply drain and rinse the jackfruit, tear the chunks and cook in a sauce. Perfect added to pasta bakes, in wraps, tacos, burritos and buns.

Believe it or not, this organic jackfruit works amazingly well as a meat alternative for vegan diets. Jackfruit is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fibre, healthy fat and protein, making it the perfect plant-based meat alternative in your favourite recipes. 

Nutrients                          Per Serving                      Per 100g

Energy (kcal)                    28.6                                85.8
Protein                             0.5g                                1.5g
Carbohydrate                    6.5g                                19.5g
of which Sugars                0g                                    0g
Fat                                   0g                                    0.2g
of which Saturates             0g                                    0g
Fibre                                2.0g                                 6.0g
Sodium                            0.7g                                 2.1g


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