Good Hemp Original Simply Delicious

Low in saturated fat

Enriched with calcium & vitamin D2

Free from dairy, lactose, soya and GMO

Source of omega 3

Free from artificial sweeteners, colours & preservatives

Suitable for vegans

Vegetarian Society Approved

Good Hemp™ is a nutritious, dairy free alternative to Milk and Soya. Made from natural hemp seed, it can be used on Cereals, in Tea, Coffee, Shakes, Porridge, Cooking or simply as a refreshing drink.
Good Omegas Hemp seed is naturally rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. These are the essential fatty acids (EFAs) that the body cannot produce and must be supplied by food.

Hemp is one of the oldest and most sustainable crops to be grown in the world.
Hemp naturally contains many important nutrients and is also good for the environment.
Hemp breathes in and captures lots of CO2
It does not need pesticides
Every part of the plant is used. Seed for healthy food, and the stalk for eco-building materials
Hemp naturally regenerates the soil in which it grows

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Omega 3 (ALA) 0.9g, Omega 6 2.9g, Calcium 295mg 36%†, Vitamin D 2.5µg 50%†
† Guidelines, European FSA: 800mg per day of Calcium and 5µg per day of Vitamin D


Table of Nutritional Information

 per 100mlper 250ml servingTypical Values* Adults
Energy (kj/kcal) 101/
Fat 1.8g 4.5g 70g
of which Saturates 0.2g 0.5g 20g
of which Monounsaturates 0.3g 0.7g -
of which Polyunsaturates 1.3g 3.3g -
Carbohydrate 1.9g 4.8g -
of which Sugars 1.6g 4.0g 90g
of which Lactose 0g 0g -
Protein <0.5g <1.2g -
Fibre <0.5g <1.2g -
Salt 0.02g 0.05g 6g


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