Tangy, moist and tasty and existing in the fifth dimension of tea loaf nirvana. 

Ingredientswater, gram flour, white and brown rice flour, potato starch, ginger(12%), tapioca starch, dates(9%), chocolate chips(3%), golden linseed, cold pressed rapeseed oil, stabiliser: xanthan gum, raising agent: yeast, psyllium husk, unrefined sugar, sea salt.

The Ginger, Date & Chocolate Loaf is high in fibre (10.9%).

Shelf Life - Average 7 days at room temperature. 14 days at chilled temperature. Suitable for freezing for 3 months.

Craft loaf produced in the Incredible Bakery in Warkton, Northamptonshire that has no contact with any of the 14 common food allergens defined by EC Regulations. 

All products are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soya free and vegan.

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Ginger, Date & Chocolate Loaf

Helen Bevan on 16th Oct 2018

I normally only buy savoury loaves but I thought I would try this one. I was in two minds about buying another one until I made a (vegan) bread and 'butter' pudding with it. It was very nice - especially with custard or chocolate ice-cream.

a sweet treat

17th Jan 2017

Really nice. Slightly sweeter - good for all occasions.