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Monthly Box Delivery Service Subscription by Incredible Bakery Company
Never run out of your favourite Incredible Bakery Company products. You pay a monthly fee of £30.01 to receive a Box Delivery full of products. No delivery charge with this product.

You just need to tell us which categories of products you want in the box, allergen issues and also categories of products you don't want. 1. Savoury Loaves 2. Rolls 3. Fruit Loaves 4. Paninis 5. Boules 6. Cakes 7. Buns 8. Scones 9. Pies. 10. Wraps 11. Dry Mixes and/or 12. Surprise Me.

Please write your preferences in the 'Order Comments' box.

This product is designed to make your life easier and reduce time spent shopping on our website.

Keep us informed of changes by sending a message to [email protected] 

Important changes to tell us about -

1. Names of people receiving the box.

2. The shipping address.

3. The email address for the person making payment.

4. Changes on preferences for what you want to receive in the box.

5. You want to cancel the monthly subscription.

This is a recurring payment set up through Paypal or Stripe payment service which can be cancelled by the person(s) who have access to the account where payment is coming from. 

We will continue to refine the product ongoing. 


Storage Instructions


All our savoury products are made using a minimum amount of salt and sugar. Salt and sugar are the only preservatives we use in our products. So avoid storage in direct sunlight, avoid storage in any area with a temperature more than 20 centigrade and avoid storage in any area with high humidity. For avoidance of doubt, freeze all the savoury products. The products can be toasted from frozen.  The products will also last longer if stored in a chilled temperature.

Please refer to the following webpage for details about shipping, billing, terms and conditions and other frequently asked questions