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Our Story

When City of London workers, James and Valeria became parents to Leon, now six years old, the discovery that their young son had multiple food allergies meant they had to find food that was not only gluten free but also dairy free, egg free, soya free and peanut free. The market was lacking products which excluded these allergens, and so the couple taught themselves how to bake without these ingredients. To their delight the results were delicious, and their son’s challenging dietary requirements became the catalyst for what has become the award-winning Northamptonshire based Incredible Bakery Company.
Leon was prone to vomiting, eczema, hives and on one occasion a very frightening anaphylactic shock before James and Valeria discovered the reason why. By contrast since the change of diet Leon has wonderful clear skin, good digestion and a better diet all round, as he cannot eat any processed foods. This is because processed foods tend to be full of gluten, eggs, dairy and soya.  

In the space of just two years the couple moved the business from London to the pretty village of Warkton in Northamptonshire and the Incredible Bakery Company has grown from a family hobby into a wholesale craft bakery manufacturer. All products are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free and Soya Free and the bakery in Warkton does not process any of the 14 common food allergens as described by EC regulations. Additionally all products are vegan and coeliac friendly. 
The current range of products includes the Incredible Golden Linseed Loaf, Incredible Gluten Free Oat Loaf, Incredible Onion and Seeds Loaf. Incredible Buckwheat Loaf and the Incredible Red Quinoa Loaf and various other loaves, rolls, fruit loaves, paninis, cake slices, brownies, pizzas, sweet buns, breadcrumbs and other dry products. The products can be found in a variety of wholefood shops, grocers, distributors, restaurants, cafes. farm shops, delis, pubs, hotels and nutrition clinics.

The Incredible Bakery Company was voted one of the 11 Intuit ‘Love your Local Business’ winners and the Incredible Onion and Seeds Loaf was Runner Up in the Carlsberg UK Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards 2014/2015 in the 'New Local Product of the Year' category. In September 2015 the Incredible Onion Panini was the winner in the 'Freefrom Bakery Product of the Year'category in the Baking Industry Awards 2015. In February 2016, the best selling Mini Red Quinoa Loaf  made the shortlist of the UK Freefrom Food Awards 2016. In April 2016 the Mini Red Quinoa Loaf was awarded 'Highly Commended' in the Britain's Best Loaf Competition at the Farm Shop and Deli Show. 

Born out of a simple desire to give their son the best diet possible, James and Valeria now see their business mission to be to help everyone to lead a healthier life through a better diet – without compromising on taste.