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Orange Wig Day

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Let me tell you something that you may not know it. An allergy reaction can look like anything. It could be manifest into someone body like an itchy, hiccups, or headache and the more serious form of allergy reaction, like an anaphylactic shock.

An anaphylactic shock is a severe reaction by the body immune system. It can start within minutes or after hours. It can be life-threatening. Today, Friday 19 May is Anaphylaxis Campaign Orange Wig Day. The Anaphylaxis Campaign Charity wants to bring awareness to the condition and support people affected by severe allergies.

To spread the word, you can Twit #OrangeWigDay 2017. You can also text WIGG01 £5 to 70070 to donate £5.

Mountain View

Until 2010 I knew very little about allergies. Specially food allergies. On that year, I read many books to help me prepare to the birth of my son, but none of those books had prepared me to deal with the realities of food allergies. Leon was born with severe food allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, soya and wheat.

At first, every doctor and health visitor I went to see would tell me he was only suffering from teething. From having a lot diarrhoea, vomiting, skin flaring ups and crying, Leon’s symptoms varied a lot. But it seems that every time I went to see a doctor the symptoms as never as bad as when started, so, in the doctors’ opinions I was only another “overreacting” mum.

At times, I wasn’t a mum but a mummy. At night, I was sleeping in chunks of one hour and half and awaking up for feeding, cleaning and soothing. Day time was a repetition of night time with the added bits of life.

I started photographing Leon’s skin flare ups, to make sure the doctors would see it as bad as I was seeing. At that point I was already suspicious that Leon’s suffering was food related. Because I was breastfeeding, I was trying to avoid certain foods to learn if they were the culprit of Leon’s ill health.


But the defining day to our ordeal was the day I ate a satay sauce. Leon reacted within hours. His head swollen like a balloon, his skin was covered in hives, he was scratching himself madly and sounding like baby Darth Vader. After that our doctor was convinced we could see an allergy specialist.

We were lucky to that Leon was seeing by one the leading authorities in children’s food allergies, Doctor Adam Fox. Dr Fox explained Leon had suffered an anaphylactic reaction and after a skin prick test, gave the diagnosis that Leon was severely allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts and wheat.

Because Leon’s allergies are food related, it meant I had to change the way we ate at home to keep his life safe. It also meant, learning how to cook without some of the foods made the backbone of my cooking repertoire.

Between madness, tiredness and inspiration, I manage to learn how to cook using new ingredients and to swap things around and make pretty decent dishes. Together with my husband, James, I started the Incredible Bakery Company.

The Incredible Bakery Company is specialist gluten free and vegan bakery manufacturer. In our dedicated production facility, we avoid all the 14 common food allergens. But Incredible Bakery Company products are as good as traditional bakery products. Some of our products have own national awards.

For the first time, we have decided to raise money through a crowdfunding platform to create our first Incredible Bakery Truck. We are offering rewards that can be posted or redeemed at our future Incredible Bakery Truck. 

The Incredible Bakery Truck will create at least 2 new jobs and will help the local economy. Many of our suppliers are based in Northamptonshire and in the UK, so, we grow, they go. If you can help please visit the campaign page and spread the word.

Incredible Bakery Truck Campaign

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